Rescuing Someone from I.T. Crooks: My Real World Example

Larry Keckler is a Sarasota based piano repair and tuning expert. For over 50 years he has been repairing, rebuilding and tuning all types of pianos. For years word of mouth, referrals and traditional print listings like the Yellow Pages kept him busy.  Over the past 5-10 years however he realized he needed to update his marketing to include digital tactics and be “found online.”

Larry contacted me one day to see if I could help him.  He was investing money but didn’t see any results and really didn’t fully understand what he had purchased.

When I investigated, I found he was paying $99/month for internet marketing from a national “digital marketing” company called BizIQ out of Arizona.

The plan that he was sold was called “website optimization” to promote his website on the internet. The unfortunate thing was that Larry had no website and the company still decided to charge him $99/month!

Larry is not alone. These type of companies are making millions on customers who don’t know any better. Here was a company collecting $99/month and providing absolutely ZERO service.

In my eyes it’s the responsibility of the I.T. professional or IT company to inform and advise properly. What we find instead are heavy marketing efforts to capture clients like Larry.  They take your account info and place you on a monthly plan with no regard to your business situation.

I took my investigation further and found ripoff reports online with similar people and the same issues with the same company.

This is not an isolated incident. The majority of “digital marketing” and “web hosting” companies you see are subpar and do not deliver what clients need in any way shape or form.

Larry paid about three months of service before I took over, cancelled that service and helped him establish an online website and and some basic SEO. Within 3 weeks his website was coming up #1 for search terms relevant to his business.

So since he was number one, I must have poured tremendous amounts of time into his SEO, right?  Nope.  The secret was putting him on a quality hosting service (  which amplified the site I built and the SEO plugins to work wonders on their own.

This saved him further in not having to buy SEO/SEM services from anyone. The cost? $79/month.  The performance and reporting he received continues to benefit him as his online presence grows.

Most business owners will tend to look at the price tag of web hosting first because they don’t understand the technical details. Why should I pay $79/mth instead of $10/mth or less? In this case, Larry would have continued on losing money in attempts to get a website up and optimized for search. Not only do you waste time and money on providers like BizIQ, you lose money in business that you could have been getting if you did it right in the first place.

When businesses owners listen to professionals instead of sales agents looking for a commission, they get great results. Even if it means you pay a little extra upfront. The results are worth it and the decisions you make regarding your technical and digital needs will either make and break your business.

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