You Can Be Your Biggest Problem When It Comes To Marketing



Look in the mirror really long?…Now repeat what I have to say. You may be the problem my company will not grow any further. Yikes!! the sound of that just streaks down your back doesn’t it?

When it comes to business people. We all have a bit of the “Alpha” type in us. Why else do we own our business or feel the need to be in charge. This great independence we build our lives on lets us further dictate our future and goals.

When it comes to web design, this is such a replayed story in my head throughout my history as a designer and developer. It is such a common theme that former designer developer Matt Inman of The Oatmeal made a classic comic strip based on the relationship of a web designer and client during a website project. (See it Here)

So why does a web project go to hell?

For one, it all starts with the designer/developer. They are living by the job many times, and unfortunately while they can stress that they think they created something that may benefit the client, they will not educate or inform the client as to why.

The other problem is the client. Many times they don’t know what they want. This not knowing of what they want, and the failure of the design/developer to inform and educate lets them go off and just start dictating schemes out of a rabbit hat.

For me it’s really simple after nearly a decade and thousands of clients. You either listen, learn and intake what I say or I will not work with you. I know many immediately feel like, who the hell is this guy, lol. There are a million like you. Why do you think you know more than me?

My answer: Because after thousands of clients, and my pursuit to not be a web designer, but a results generator has yielded some of the most successful campaigns and tactics digitally. It’s this overall effort and goal of making your website produce is what you want. I don’t care what you think you like, that your cat is amazing, or that you are amazing at sales. In the world of digital solutions like web development, information design, SEO/SEM and tactics, I have been the one to push the envelope and create systems that have given my clients results they seek. Anything other than things built on generating results is a complete waste of both our times, as I am not here to win design awards. I am here to think how I can help you master these digital spaces and increase your bottom line. It’s this approach that has let me do what I need to do, and let’s you continue concentrating on what you need to do really your business.

Would you try to dictate your open heart surgery with your doctor? Or tell him to stitch it a certain way because you think it looks good? Absolutely NOT. Unfortunately the I.T. industry has created a majority of misinformed and poorly trained designer/developers who live by the project. So they are careful in what they say not to offend or scare you off…or even dictate the terms of a project.

True professionals in our field base design or development from hundreds of perspectives and technical knowledge. The study of coding is but a small slice of that overall pie. In the real art of design/development, the need to apply human psychology, A/B testing, UI/UX research, heatmap studies, information design, color theory and more are all used to create platforms the client really needs to complete that A-Z cycle of lead to a sale.

It’s this reason that there are NOT a million like me. I know that and gladly say goodbye to those that think otherwise. Time has given me wisdom in this process and the best thing I will do if you are the “Alpha” type and try to dictate what I know works best for you is give you your deposit back, and thank you for the business. I really have no hard feelings in doing so. It’s just I know how this record will play from experience. And instead of watching it happen, I would rather save us both time and money. As that is what you are ultimately costing me.






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