Martech Professional

My goals are to help you reach your goals. I have the experience, expertise & results to help.

This website is still under construction.

I have worked on hundreds of websites and many types of I.T. projects through a career that started in print shop in high school running a press.

I have delivered consistent success stories through my I.T. & Marketing career.

Brian Galvan

Martech Expert

What I Do…

First, my job is to listen & understand your needs & wants as well as understand your business. This is such a crucial step, and one where I take lots of time investigating your company, your goals, your industry, your competitors and overall niche to craft a plan and take advantage of your investment in me.

My goals are simple. To unleash my experience on hitting the goals we seek.

I have over nearly 20 years experience developing websites, marketing campaigns, printing/graphics, building apps, building SaaS solutions, and working with business owners, agencies and helping companies thrive in the ever changing digital marketing landscape.

There is no one size fits all in this world and I have seen and done enough to know what is best for your growth and budget. Below are areas I have experience in.

I know what I am doing…with me, we will push to grow your business.


Some of my tools

I have extensive WordPress experience

I have setup & managed over 100 PPC accounts!

GA4 & Universal Analytics are crucial for data analysis

Bring data to life to make smart business decisions

Certified in GTM and can help create advanced needs

SEO intelligence gathering for search campaigns

I utilize a slew of A.I. tools as this world evolves further

I have created ground up builds of eCommerce stores

META business & ads manager managements for social

Intel gathering tool on what people are talking about

Extensive use various Adobe CC suite tools for the job

HubSpot, Saleforce, Zoho, and even Custom CRMs

Extensive background in SEO/SEM platforms for campaigns

I can run,deploy, maintain dedicated, VPS, & AWS servers

Email marketing tools like MailChimp/GetResponse & others

I have also spent time learning industry specific tools to perform job tasks. (JetInsights, JetNetIQ, Roofle, etc). Depending on your company, you might have tools where I can jump in and enhance features that affect marketing outcomes.

Why You Are Here…

You got here most likely from a direct communication, job post, or contract post I responded to. You are looking for someone to fill a position and I have certain qualifications that can help you achieve your needs.

I have a lot of information about myself that does not fit on a resume. If you take the time to read, you’ll get an understanding of who and what I can do and see that I can help your business.

I have been working for corporate America & have maintained a freelancing/contract work pace over many years. I am looking for specific companies that fit the profile of what fits so I can deliver results. It may be a PT, FT or even contract role.

One thing I say to every potential employer or contractor…try me for 90 days. This lets us both see the quality level of work and know if the chemistry is right for us to work together long term.

I want to deliver results…and I have delivered amazing results for clients and employers.

We boost our clients to get more sales

Think We Can Work Together?

Let’s discuss your business needs and if I can help!