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You are…

– Are a Business owner, Startup or Entrepreneur.
– Overwhelmed by ever-changing IT world or just too busy to learn what are the best website and digital marketing solutions for your business.
– Looking for a Professional to guide you through technologies that will help your business blossom.
– A web designer, developer or marketing professional and need some help on projects to finish.
– Need someone trustworthy in advising you and providing consistent high quality work and results.

I am…

An I.T. professional with 20 years experience combined in  web design, print industry, graphics, network engineering, application development and digital marketing/SEO/SEM. I’m also a proud veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, and have bought & sold my own business. Today I am retained by select companies FT remote and maintain relationships with business owners where I provide quality I.T. work.

One major advantage to you is my position within the I.T. industry. It puts me in a unique position where I’m not trying to take advantage of you just to pay bills and(or) score a big one time invoice….this lets me cherry pick who to work with, and focus on quality driven business owners who need professional level solutions and grow a long term relationship.

This position let’s me work with business owners in ways no one else can.

Why am I the best choice?
…Results and Experience


Results and experience matter to you. I have helped hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs get results that helped grow their business. Just look at some of my case studies I’ve included on this site with companies over the years and what I have provided.

Services I Can Provide You


And there’s actually more I can help with…

Personal Service


I love helping business owners as I’m one myself with this service. My goal is to give you personal, professional service and be “your go-to guy” when you need some work or have a question. I do work for a larger company, but I am in a unique position where I have the time to work on my personal business (this one) where I help individual businesses.

When you decide to work with me, we’ll have conversations, I’ll get to know more about you, your business and the best routes to save money, make money and utilize technology that helps your business everyday to manage things better.

Scammers R Us in I.T. World

The world is filled with scammers, crooks and low quality individuals looking to make a buck. Unfortunately for business owners, there are plenty of those in IT industry. The thinking “I know how to make a website, I can call myself an I.T. professional now” produces all sorts of misinformed, uneducated and low quality providers. By hiring such individuals, the person that loses is you with lost opportunity, lost time and loss of potential growth.

Trust | Reviews | Relationship

My goal is to work with you indefinitely, so I want you to love the results I provide.
My business is built on referrals, on business owners recommending me and the work I do.

Send me over your needs, request and(or) issues and I’ll be more than happy to take a look and give you an honest review.

How You Benefit?


Have you ever wanted someone on your side that has the technical ability, the experience, and track record of results advising you? I offer solutions based on things that work! My career as a FT employed I.T. worker mixed with hundreds of small businesses that have come to use me for services has given me an amazing insight into bringing solutions that work for you. I know what works!

Save Money, Save Time
What is the cost of a wrong decision? Have you ever paid a “stupid tax” and learned a lesson along the way of doing things in business? I help business owners save money, save time, and grow their business by helping implement technology solutions as needed. You’ll benefit easily by saving from many wrong moves I see business owners make and you’ll benefit greatly when we work together and the solutions become part of your business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions


This is a variable question as it really depends on the work. Not all I.T. work is equal…but I am very well priced for the quality and results I give.

Today I have employment contracts that keep me happy and well paid. With that said, I am looking to start my personal business where I work helping you get setup the right way.

I usually charge less than industry averages as I am looking to have clients work with me for the long-haul.

Remember, I’m already fully employed, receive compensation from apps, and slowly growing my business with quality people.


I have been helping business owners take advantage of SEO and SEM opportunities that have driven them lots of business.

I even have advanced tools that are really expensive to pay for on your own that help with SEO & SEM.

From simple local Google 3-Pack (Maps & Reviews) listings to team management for global SEO/SEM initiatives, I can easily help address what you need.

Note: I have awesome SEO/SEM results with companies I have worked with and continue to work with.

Very Much!

I have helped business owners who started on their dining room table! I know what it’s like to start small and grow.

Actually, it’s one of the most gratifying things…to see someone benefit from the help I provide.

I am available for work. It will depend on many factors as I look to

My honesty will mean I am going to be completely upfront with you on what I see, expectations and reality of the work situation. If I can’t do it, I’ll definitely say I can’t. The last thing I will do is take work on and not be able to fulfill the obligations needed.

For bigger projects. I can help put together a team of experts to get the job done. Having been in this industry long enough, I have a great list of providers who have proven themselves in quality, capability and affordability.

Let’s talk about your needs, wants and wishes.

It starts with me gaining an understanding of who, what, where about your business.

From there, I’ll help answer anything you need.

Let’s Work Together


The very first step is to get to know you, your business, what your needs are and How I Can Help you reach your full business potential.

“It takes twenty years to build a relationship and 5 minutes to ruin it…”

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