Global Medical Technologies


Global Medical Technologies LLC. is a manufacturer of advanced wound care and acute wound care solutions. The produce items like medical adhesive tapes, bandages, dressings, pads and other medical related products. Backed by 5 U.S. patents they are quickly growing and distributing their products to healthcare providers and facilities globally.


Custom SaaS build to help the logistics manager through daily transactions, commerce and reporting needs.

This backend allows for a 100% custom experience as needed. From distributor capabilities to login and order to administrators ability to manage inventory and communicate orders with fulfillment warehouse.

Deployed Amazon AWS servers for performance, security and scaling needs as company grows.

Integrating EDI transactions within custom order environment to receive, parse and return order information with McKesson Inc.

Built a custom public checkout storefront for public ordering. Used WalMart as the model for checkout procedures.

Orders all route to distribution center for packing and shipping.

Connected with Excelsior Integrated in Massachusetts for the fulfillment process. All inventory is stored within their nationwide network of warehouses.

Using their API library, we are able to integrate orders with their system needs.


Designed WordPress based website for their marketing needs.

Custom jvector Maps WordPress created to provide user interface needs and communications with sales representative across the U.S.

Integrated form builder (Gravity Forms) with their HubSpot customer tools.

Also created custom HubSpot landing pages within the HubSpot environment.

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