Noble Air Charter

Miami, FL • USA

Director of Marketing & DevOps Manager for Noble Air Charter. NAC is a FAA 135 charter with private jet and twin propeller fleet and facilities in Miami and Boston. I came in to bring web and marketing assets under company control. Spectacular organic SEO/SEM results, optimized PPC budgets, re-hauled the entire visual marketing assets for print, video, ads, etc.


Updated November 2022

My first act was to throw out the previous build…build from scratch a website that maintained what was currently in place, and build on top of that (Better plumbing and framework) to lead to better results…this falls under the umbrella that allows for better technical SEO. In the first 9 months our organic web traffic is up 1200%… the official

12month YoY growth ended up being an average of 500 organic visitors per month to appx 39,000 organic visitors per month! 7800% Year over year growth in organic traffic…. let me repeat that…a 7800% increase in targeted organic traffic.

—June 2022 Below

In the first 9 months our organic web traffic is up 1200%

Organic traffic is FREE traffic and helps in a variety of ways directly and indirectly.

-More traffic generates leads/inquiries which equal higher sales.

-More organic traffic signals ranking authority

-Target rich keywords generate specific leads/inquires…i.e. (Dassault Falcon 7x or HondaJet quotes etc)

-Higher authority and ranking content allows for reduction in PPC costs. They correlate perfectly and I was also able to improve PPC clicks/impressions 3X more effective… basically 3 times more clicks for the same dollars spent. or 300% better.

Great results are not an accident. They come from proper planning, research and execution.

Strategic planning throughout marketing lifecycle

-Assessment of current state of marketing & industry
Review what you have been doing, the industry, competitors, budget allocations, tools & resources available.

-Main goals and objectives
Define goals with ownership. What are wins? (Leads, Branding, Page 1 Google, Traffic, Conversions etc)

-Technical Foundations
What platforms best serve infrastructure, budget, goals and needs. WordPress, Joomla, Magento, WPengine, VPS, AWS, Azure, SpyFu, etc.

-Tactical Foundations
Based on industry research, keyword research, content delivery, target demographic profiling, how and what best to deploy immediate to long tail needs.

-Content Deployment
Actual web building, content pages, URLs, back linking, etc., the actual building and deployment of content throughout the marketing spectrum.

-Analytics, Maintenance & Industry Research
Measure traffic, results, conversions, leads, and overall state of growth trend & continue discovering new content strategies to implement for growth and lead generation.

-Update & Tweak
Keep technology and marketing stacks updated, plugins, VPS, content pages, URL needs, interlinking and the daily upkeep of a productive marketing ecosystem.

-Continual discussion with ownership on what matters…is what is being deployed creating results and an effective ROI to the business?

What you say and how you say it is important when the goal is to influence behavior.

I helped influence a gentlemen of ultra-high net worth from one of the USA’s wealthy oil families moving to Florida to:

-Find Us online for specific needs he was looking for to charter his private jet.

-Created and search optimized content for the purpose of search.

-Influence through words, pictures and statements that we are capable.

Result: He ended up choosing us to put his private jet under our certificate at Noble Air.

At Noble Air, I use MailChimp as an email broadcast tool.


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Graphic Design

Helped establish our first paint schemes and worked with aviation paint company to bring to life new paint scheme for aircraft.


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The ability to create our own custom DocuSign agreements vs using their platform.

Will allow us to create special condition rules and divert user to payment method & authorization for confirmation of trips.

Created a custom payment request tool and connected via merchant API for:

-Ability to create custom CC requests

-Ability to run Authorization holds via requests

-Email to customer

-SMS to customer (Twilio API)

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Built a small training library for sales staff.

Accessible by staff 24/7 via custom login.

Reduced human to human need of major time consuming training needs for new staff.

This helped increase product and tools knowledge, proficiency among brokers…who then can do their jobs better.

Built a WordPress plugin flight calculator to give general public basic flight time and rough hourly cost.

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Director of Operations would find it best of he could have an interface that.

Allows him to view pilots on roster

Click into individual pilot profiles

See image, info, contact and all relative information on pilots.

Upload Medical, create date of expiration (so system notifies when due)

Other line item variables with custom rules

Improved Maintenance Deficiency Reporting PDF & MEL Inputting

Digitized procedures to database all deficiency reports for tracking and segregation of data as needed.


Helped improve template for staff filing general declarations and notice of arrivals.

Improved maintenance logging system used in house and improved new MEL’s to be electronically logged as well as printable copies.

Creating application to customize around pilots who log flight information via mobile device, iPad vs paper to excel process.

This application then stores for review by DoM who then auto sends to CAMP.

While JetInsights does this, they wanted a buffer between Pilots input, Database and CAMP for visual review.

Keypoints were:

-Pilots don’t need to depend on manual paper logging.

-Pilots can record information in cockpits as they finish.

-Pilots don’t need to spend time manually pulling up excel, logging information into excel.

-Data from app can auto inject into DB/excel sheet

-Data can sit for visual review by DoM

-DoM can push data to CAMP by clicking send. (Does not have to rekey data into CAMP)

-DoM life easier as it kills minutia re-keying and allows him to focus on other issues/agendas needed.


Company Intranet on SharePoint. I wanted that customized to the company branding.

I’d love to work with you! The very first step is to get to know you, your business, what your needs are and How I Can Help in the role.