Technical Skills & Support

 USA • North America

This section is not directly associated with my main line of work but I wanted to put it up as something to show further value I can bring to help your business goals. I have spent my life in various role and and love learning, tinkering and putting thought into action. Below are added skills/background that help in solutions in an information technology driven world.

I can help manage, install and maintain security systems, remote door/FOB systems, cameras, and create custom API feeds into a platform of your choice.

I currently manage the entire employee FOB radio ID access chip system for building access at Mi-Wave in St. Petersburg, Fl.

I use splashtop business remote login software to access desktops if a support issue is needed.

It’s a handy tool when interacting with clients and friends and viewing problems and fixing them as needed.

I have background in network LAN/WAN management and have helped various company decide on server needs, remote needs, and cloud based needs.

I can assist in data room patch panel setup, router setup, switch setup for building needs.

Although not a main line of work. I once held a CompTia A+ microcomputer repair certification. I enjoy building my own PCs today and tinker when I have the time with the latest AMD threadripper class PCs to setup.

I can run basic Quickbook needs if it’s something your company uses. I can even help with multi-user setup, network credentials/access to QB database systems and remote logging/saving of QB backups.

I can help run FedEx & UPS onsite shipping software in multi-user modes for shipping department needs.

I have even helped automate time consuming procedures in areas like FedEx SED international form declarations and confirmations.

I was an AN/TRC 170 Microwave MUX Technician in the Marines. There I learned electronic engineering fundamentals, schematic systems, component troubleshooting and repair of communication systems.

I’d love to work with you! The very first step is to get to know you, your business, what your needs are and How I Can Help in the role.