It may sound odd to some, and some may look at it as arrogant, but time is money and one thing I have learned as I have evolved is to be critical in who you work with and qualify the company just as much as they need to qualify you. When you’re young, inexperienced, and just needing a job, you tend to say yes to anything. That decision of who to work with is extremely important and at this stage of my career, I am looking for specific employers or partners to work with.

My personal position today has built a stable stream of recurring income by myself but the trade offs of wearing every hat has me looking for work/employment/partnership roles that are specific to my skill set and filled with opportunity so that potential long term growth/relationships can form and everyone wins in what value they seek.

I start by listing personal criteria when choosing a company. For example, I want to work with a team in cloud/tech based, engineering based, or professional service company (law firm/medical) as I have direct experience and come in ready to help.  Build your list and center your choice around it as it will give you a much more fulfilling life. My key things I’m looking for are that a company/opportunity have the following traits:

Technology Based (SaaS,Engineering, Quantum Computing, Fintech)

We live in a world where SaaS tools, services WILL become a dominating factor in society and behavior. From the SAP/Oracle Enterprise to the small mom and pop who are and will utilize cloud based services. I want to work in, with and help any company in this space as it’s obvious in growth and opportunities.

Marketing/Sales Role

While I have a technical background, I have really excelled in the past decade in the digital marketing areas that have proven to drive sales and growth with select companies. From technical to tactical strategies to drive traffic and raise leads which become sales.

PT to FT Scale Up

This is the best start as it lets us work together and begin to “feel out” our capabilities, communication, and overall workflow as a team for the work required and opportunity building. I love taking ownership of small areas and expanding out to bring value.

Remote Capability

This is just a product of our times. I have been able to maintain remote work over the last decade and handle the “every hat” of a small business owner along the way. I am bullish in remote work…I actually think people are more productive in this setup. (given the motivation)

Opportunity & Growth

Is there growth with the company/relationship? Is there opportunity to help grow with the company? How big are these opportunities and future? I am now at the stage where I want to choose the best fit from a work/economics life balance.

Work With Me

This world of websites, coding, Seo, digital marketing can seem overwhelming and confusing at times. Getting good information is half the battle. I’ve seen so many small business owners make mistake after mistake. Want the best advice from someone doing it long enough to have a track record of success… Call, email or text me and I’ll help you little by little put together good solutions.

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