This video goes over briefly why I turned down a 140K/year Director of Marketing position in Miami, FL. To sum it up, it’s not just about a good salary with me… the type of people and company background, ethical behaviors and more have a bigger say then just needing a a job.

If you are serious about business…don’t go around creating shitty marketing segments and not want to listen to people that do this for a living. Just one example of many that made me laugh when I saw it below.

I don’t work for clowns, and any professional will most likely be the same..unless desperate for money. If your company is this level of image projection don’t bother calling me.

Example of Cheesy Marketing…

Who is this for?

My videos and content you’ll see are for small business owners, self starters, and marketing folks just looking for good information to run their WordPress websites and deploy marketing solutions that work. You need some NO-BS info, and you appreciate the content that helps you grow in some way makes me feel good.

About Me: I’ve helped hundreds…literally hundreds of small business, medium size businesses and worked for enterprise in my life when their staff screws up. Today I maintain a book of clients privately running their I.T. & Digital Marketing initiatives with the aim of growth.  I love working with small business and start-ups vs corporate/enterprise environments for personal reasons and have built a life that sustains that happily. Today, I can happily say I can cherry pick who I work with and I can tell you it’s not all about the money.

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This world of websites, coding, Seo, digital marketing can seem overwhelming and confusing at times. Getting good information is half the battle. I’ve seen so many small business owners make mistake after mistake. Want the best advice from someone doing it long enough to have a track record of success… Call, email or text me and I’ll help you little by little put together good solutions.

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The very first step is to get to know you, your business, what your needs are and How I Can Help you reach your full business potential.