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Millimeter Wave Products Inc. is a manufacturer of mmwave products, components and systems. They manufacture and ship to clients globally. From Telecommunications companies, U.S. Military, defense contractors, research institutes, space agencies and more. I have worked with MIWV.com since 2011 when I came on board to help with I.T. service needs.


In 2011 I placed MIWV.com on WordPress to take advantage of the platforms growth and ease of use for other non-sophisticated users to also have a role in content creation. Our goal was to expose Mi-Waves products and capabilities globally. Another main area for change was choosing a good website hosting company. This is an often overlooked decision as companies or unknowing(Hipster) coders choose to opt for mainstream host providers out of cost or convenience.

WordPress is a great platform as it allows for extensions, plugins, customization, themes to be installed and has a great market of providers that can support the platform. For those that have higher skilled capabilities and server stack knowledge like Apache edits/configuration, they can further customize the stack to provide functions that can serve corporate needs.

I’ve taken our website through 3 major redesigns since it’s inception.

The holy grail of SEO is doing your homework!

I conducted and routinely conduct a thorough audit of keywords that help drive traffic to the website.

From industry standard keywords to long tail keywords and variants. This keyword reporting gives me a clear operating plan on which keywords to go after one by one.

Implemented & update constantly SEO methods to our website as well as off-site assets.

A huge area of investment was SEO and SEM implementation. After conducting a thorough keyword research report and competitive analysis. This let me implement SEO on a per page/per asset level that helped list the company #1 on Google for various terms. This information also helped support video marketing and pay per click campaigns.

Optimization included:

-On page optimization of products on a page by page basis.

-Utilization of SEO Press to edit/alter information and make pages SEO ready for keyword targets.

-Custom configuration of web server to create a faster host environment. (LAMP based)

-Implementation of CDN (Cloudflare) and regulated policies.

-Review latest algorithm updates to adopt any new methods to take advantage of.

SEM or “Search Engine Marketing” is the continual creation of content/media assets to come up on respective search. From searching on Facebook, Apple’s Siri, LInkedIn, YouTube and more. The strategy I have prescribed invests resources in distributing targeted pages based on keywords across multiple channels across the internet.

Before using SEM tactics, the work of SEO/Keyword research is a must as it helps you format data to the best probability to their respective search platforms.

Built my own marketing distribution platform/procedures to automate the process. Currently publishing targeted information to over 350+ content platforms.

The second biggest search engine in the world by volume. YouTube is a prime platform to position information for search. Creating snippet videos based on keyword driven targets, this method allows me to distribute content and gain exposure to products on multiple platforms.

Optimization starts with knowing what to target, how to edit keywords, tags, CC, titles and more that give your videos the preferred rankings on YouTube.

I have successfully driven our videos to the number 1 listing on YouTube across a variety of products and continues to this day.

Working with sales teams, we have worked on various digital and physical world lead generation tactics that have yielded results. From digital ads, commercials to physical mail out tactic to targeted individuals. The list is long and full of results. Here is a company overview video I made that anyone can gain value from.

I setup, run and maintain our pay per click strategies and budget. AdWords since it’s inception has its own set of rules, procedures and tactics to maximize click budgets. Because if this a high degree of optimization is needed if you intend to make every penny work.

How much you invest in good seo analysis and research, then apply it to AdWords will determine how good and how much your ads perform.

This is important as many people think AdWords is all the same and what I spend per click is the same as what my competitors pay per click.

Just like optimizing a web page. Your AdWords campaigns need optimizing as well.

I am AdWords certified and eventually setup my own agency account with Google.

I established and maintain our google maps/my business account and have used the tools provided in content strategies.

This is an important tool as it will list your physical locations, provide reviews, and let you access other google search engine features that go unused.

Getting up on Google’s 3 pack is important for local business owners

Implemented and review Googles Search Console as well as Bing that allows SEO analysis for the domain.

Created a quarterly email marketing newsletter to promote traffic of repeat customers to our website.

Using creative content along with product content. My approach has generated high industry open rates and definite R.O.I. on email campaigns.

I a a heavy Moz.com and UberSuggests user. These tools allow for campaign tracking and deep SEO/SEM reporting that leads to action.

I have implemented Google’s Manufacturing portal to allow for product submission and exposure.

Using paid platforms like Cision and Ampifire, I would create press release statements for digital content marketing needs.


Manage all graphic design media and help maintain uniformity in brand across company marketing resources.

Evolved catalog from initial black/white version to color version for A4 & US Standards. Help maintain all updated information, pictures, outline drawings and datasheets. Also created short version catalogs for lighter carrying needs.

I’ve designed the trade show booths through various versions over the last 10 years. Started with mockups in Adobe, and then graduated for final export with manufacturer.


Denver 2022

Boston 2020

2014 Booth

2013 Booth (We purchased a used booth and created new graphics)

Created video display ads for trade show convention center displays. Used After Effects and Adobe PremiereCC

Denver – Booth Video Reel on Large Screen

Boston – Tradeshow Booth Lit Back

Boston – Video Display in Aisle

Boston – Video Hall Display Reel


With growth comes the issues of how to handle and manage it all. As we grew in size, we looked into the industry for workflow software systems and in the end I decided to create one from scratch.

What started as a simple procedure solution using cloud based services has turned into a multi-department handling system that handles production, accounting, sales, quoting and more all within an ever growing system.

It is custom based and always growing from feedback and organic input on what features are needed.

Implemented AmazonAWS to be our backbone cloud architecture to run our cloud based organizational management software.

Implemented the usage of Git/BitBucket for developers to work off of. Centralizing company software assets and allowing for collaborative environments if necessary.

Help manage,maintain and provide user support for entire onsite networking of machines and devices.

Installed switch, router and entire company network policy.

When issues occur, I login via GoToAssist for PC support needs.

Run, maintain and manage both GSuite and Office 365 users.

Email systems run through GSuite while software access/licensing through Office 365.

Help install user software, maintain licenses, and provide user assistance when needed.

Office products




When issues occur, I login via GoToAssist for PC support needs.


Maintain security FOB/RFID access tokens for building access, user management and Zeko System.

Installed, maintain and help accounting with implementing a digital punch in time clock with network access.

Integrated FedEx into a custom cloud portal for information syncing and SED shipments.

When issues occur, I login via GoToAssist for PC support needs.

I have access to all PC’s on network.

I would create many small videos for staff to always reach and tap into…or help staff on things.


The very first step is to get to know you, your business, what your needs are and how I can help.

Email me below a brief message or call/text me at 813-440-1907