My Advantages

What are my biggest advantages?

Not desperate…which creates BS promises

I currently own website assets that generate recurring income, ranging from rank-and-rent websites to apps that run for businesses. They require minimal management and enable me to truly understand and meet your needs, unlike many providers in the Martech space who focus primarily on maximizing their invoices.

How is this an advantage? I can approach work and opportunities with a clear set of agendas that prioritize more than just your payment. I can genuinely say no or advise if something won’t work. This allows me to make commitments based on realistic expectations and genuine capabilities, avoiding the pitfalls of overpromising and underdelivering.

Companies or employees that overpromise and underdeliver erode trust and credibility. This industry is notorious for providers who make grand promises without delivering results. This common pitfall often stems from providers being desperate for a sale and business owners not knowing any better.

Martech Background with Years of Results

My entire career has been within the I.T., marketing, print, and digital marketing ecosystem. I am confident that my skills surpass those of most candidates in the Martech space.

I have achieved proven business growth for a diverse range of clients, helping to expand their businesses. My experience spans from assisting local small business owners to working with corporate startups listed on the NYSE.

With years of experience and a track record of results, I have gained a solid understanding of how to effectively support and grow businesses.

Business Development Mindset

I approach my work the same regardless if you are a homemaker baking cookies or a startup looking to go public. It’s not hard, it’s math taught to me by extraordinarily wealthy people who owned and ran their business.

Is what we put in working and creating a return on investment (R.O.I.)

Every thing we do has a cost, and does that equate to a return that is positive. For bigger companies, it gets a little too easy to spend someone else’s money when you are not connected to it.

I want to see R.O.I. as that was has created my line of comfort today… and where certain business have let me just “handle it” for them when they send me a message.

Leadership & Team Building

I went to one of the best leadership schools any human can ever be a part of… U.S. Marine Corps training and leading Marines. There I learned and carry leadership traits still in use today.

This skill has allowed me to build a vast network globally of freelancers who I can tap into to expand company goals. From software programmers, red team engineers, graphic designers, video makers, influencers, embedded software programmers, server security specialist, WordPress devs/designers, printing company owners and much more.

The ability to communicate and handle people to achieve company tasks is vital in todays information age era.

Business Growth & R.O.I.

I am deeply committed to driving business growth and maximizing return on investment (ROI). My approach focuses on implementing scalable strategies that enhance efficiency and profitability.

By closely analyzing market trends and financial metrics, I ensure that every initiative not only aligns with the company’s objectives but also contributes substantially to its bottom line.

This results-oriented mindset is fundamental to my professional ethos, ensuring that I consistently deliver impactful and measurable outcomes.

Ethics, Trust & Vaporware

Are you genuinely delivering on your promises? I thoroughly examine operational conditions, expectations, and the quality of what you’re selling to ensure it meets the promised standards.

What do your customers and former employees say about your company and the quality of your middle management? Life experiences have taught me to recognize the signs of poor ownership and management, as well as the traits of excellent leaders and operators.

It’s hard to create progress against a current of bad/unethical behavior, and the sooner I can discern the true state of affairs, the quicker I can make informed decisions about potential engagements, especially if red flags arise.

We boost our clients to get more sales

My Goals Are to Boost Clients’ Bottom Line by Optimizing Their Growth Potential.

Let’s discuss your business needs and if I can help!