Graphics & Printing

Some info and examples below.

Design & Print Background

I started in high school working and running prepress and 2 color and 4 color press and just kept learning. Graphics and printing has been a huge part of my background with every company I have worked with.

I run Adobe Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator etc.) software as well as specialty Graphics AI programs like TopazLabs, and cloud based platforms like Figma & Canva.

I have hundreds THOUSANDS! of templates and designs files to work off and get us up to speed if we need something specific.

I don’t do ad hoc requests. I only design with companies I work with to assist in outcomes. Many times free just to help clients.

Below are a few examples of brochures, PowerPoints, Magazines, Trade Show booths, swag, and pretty much anything I have helped get to print.