Noble Yachts

Miami, FL • USA

Website, branding, logo, and strategic SEO & SEM initiatives to complement jet business.


Created the logo, set typography, and set a color scheme to stay inline with main business. (Noble Air)

Created WordPress website to serve as a niche product offering to pair up for private jet customers. Noble Air owned a yacht, and sourced specific Yachts in the South Florida and Savannah, GA regions.

The goal was to attract private jet clients to boating excursions.

I ran circles around companies spending over $10,000/month on Adwords for South Florida Yacht SEO/SEM.

I would take photos of their Yachts when possible to put up in listings.

Designed and printed various swag items for tradeshows.

Miami Yacht & Boat Show

Palm Beach Yacht Show

Ft. Lauderdale Yacht Show

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