Industry Experience

Overview of key industries I work/worked with.

Private Aviation

I have extensive experience in helping Part 135 operators enhance their marketing efforts and Martech needs with a proven track record of success. My expertise in optimizing online presence and driving targeted traffic has consistently delivered significant growth for these operators.

Additionally, I bring operational experience in private charter flight brokering and booking software, which has been instrumental in streamlining processes and improving efficiency. My comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges faced by Part 135 operators allows me to implement effective strategies that drive growth and enhance overall performance.

I’ll show you strategies & examples if we speak.

RF Millimeter Wave/Microwave

With a decade-long career in marketing and operational technology, my background in RF Millimeter Wave/Microwave technology is both extensive and deep. My expertise is rooted in years of hands-on experience, bolstered by a military background as a Microwave TRC/170 Technician & Operator.

This unique combination has equipped me with a thorough understanding of RF systems, enabling me to effectively bridge the gap between technical complexities and market demands. My comprehensive knowledge and practical experience ensure that I can deliver exceptional results in any project related to RF technology.

I have helped companies land conversations from marketing tactics I deployed with all the defense contractors, major telecoms, and research centers.

I’ll show you strategies & examples if we speak.

Agency Experience

I have co-owned and worked for agencies in my career. Some for specific niche business industries like real estate, private injury attorneys. My entire career has been dedicated to supporting hundreds of small business owners, including lawyers, doctors, music schools, plumbers, vets, and more.

I have generated significant growth results for a diverse portfolio of clients, proving my ability to help businesses thrive. From assisting local small business owners to collaborating with corporate startups listed on the NYSE, my experience spans a wide range of industries and business sizes.

With years of experience, proven results, and a vast array of clients, I have gained a deep understanding of how to help small businesses succeed and flourish. (and how to be resourceful when budgets are low)

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