This video is a quick point out on Why Yoast SEO tools suck! They really do. If you’ve done SEO/SEM work since 2009, you know exactly what I mean by it really does suck….bad. It started out as a great tool and were one of the originals into WordPress and industry tools for seo needs but over time morphed into a bloated, poor performing tool..and even made things worse at times. I reference a brief blog in the video on some of the main issues and points out SEOPress which has been an amazing plugin… read it here

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About Me: I’ve helped hundreds…literally hundreds of small business, medium size businesses and worked for enterprise in my life when their staff screws up. Today I maintain a book of clients privately running their I.T. & Digital Marketing initiatives with the aim of growth.  I love working with small business and start-ups vs corporate/enterprise environments for personal reasons and have built a life that sustains that happily. Today, I can happily say I can cherry pick who I work with and I can tell you it’s not all about the money.